Nitram Technologies was founded 10 years ago as a service company. Our founder and CEO, Marty Rocha, is still active in the company today.

Strategically headquartered on the Northside of Chicago, Illinois, we have made it possible to service the vast majority of our customers with a resonse time of four (4) hours or less. Our service engineers average 15+ years of tenure and our call center is staffed with only senior level personnel.

Offering support services, hardware and software products from such partners as Microsoft, Dell, Symantec, Watchguard, etc., Nitram Technologies can help you be successful in all of your IT needs.

Not only do our consultants pass rigorous technical exams, but are also trained to speak to humans – no geek speak here.

All new clients receive their first two hours of service on the house!

We know that word of mouth is our most important advertising tool. Refer us and get up to a month of free Managed Services or 4 Hours of free support!


Our mission is to provide IT services and infrastructure management that reduce customer’s costs and improve operational efficiency which allows them to focus on their business priorities, while taking full advantage of the latest technologies offered.


Marty Rocha has been in the IT industry for over 20 years, starting as a Help Desk technician for the students and faculty of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. From there he formed the foundation of his network and computer administration skills while serving as an intern of MIS for the Arlington International Racecourse in Arlington Heights, Illinois.

After school, his official career in IT began at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, where he managed the migration of paper-based trading reports to an all new, on-line reporting system that saved the CME an estimated $120,000 per year in paper costs. He then moved into system architecture and was part of a multi-million dollar project to implement the Globex 2 online trading system, the first in the United States. After working at the CME, Marty entered the world of consulting at a VAR selling and supporting Sun Microsystems based networks for dcVast, located in Downers Grove, Illinois. There he designed systems and was a Y2K project manager for a variety of clients throughout the Chicagoland area including huge multinational fortune 500 companies such as Zurich Insurance Group, ABN Amro, and AC Neilson, and several small dot-com startups. In 2001 he joined Citadel Investment Group, where he redesigned their global disaster recovery plan and data backup systems, while managing help desk operations.

Wanting to move back into consulting, Marty joined Technologic Networks in 2007 and starting working with several dynamic small businesses throughout the Chicagoland area, including Vosges Haut-Chocolate, Victory Records, Whimsy Trucking and several capital investment firms. In 2008, he started building Nitram Technologies in his free time designing services based on what he knew clients wanted and needed. In early 2010, Marty decided to take Nitram Technologies on Full-Time, leaving his post at Technologic Networks.


Case Study: Managed Support Services


Client was faced with the issue of supporting its IT infrastructure, struggling to maintain adequate staff to not only support the infrastructure on a day-to-day basis, but to also advance their use of IT tools to increase efficiency and productivity.

The Nitram Technologies Solution

Client had experience with Nitram Technologies, who was providing the maintenance and support for the technologies currently employed on a pay-as-you-go basis. After consultation on the problem, a needs analysis was done on the tasks to be performed and the available budget. Nitram Technologies designed a This Is IT! managed support service plan, including maintenance & monitoring of the environment, and full managed anti-virus.


  • IT problems are now identified early and resolved before they become outages.
  • Trends are analyzed and infrastructure can be upgraded ahead of any issues.
  • In-house staff can now spend more time focusing on their business priorities in engineering
  • They have drastically reduced their IT budget for support, administration and management.

Case Study: Virtualization

Managed Services Problem

Client had server different important applications related to their financial service business running on 3 different physical computers which was expensive and not easy to maintain. Also, the client didn’t have a disaster recovery plan. When it came time to upgrade some of the servers, the client became concerned about the cost of upgrading 3 different physical servers.

The Nitram Technologies Solution

Nitram Technologies virtualized the 2 physical servers into 1 physical servers running 2 different virtual servers using Microsoft Hyper-V, which was free. Now, the client could move the virtual servers from physical server to physical server in the event of an emergency or even to perform maintenance during the business day without affecting productivity. The client saved $20,000 in hardware/software/service costs by switching to virtual servers and the company has more computing resources they had before as well as a disaster recovery plan.

Key Benefits

  • Easy Disaster Recovery, simply bring up Virtual Server file on new harder
  • Greatly Reduced Investment in Hardware
  • Lower Overall Support Costs with less hardware to maintain

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